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About Us

Fairy Grunge,

Urban Wild.

We see clothes as a second skin, There is no faster way of expressing yourself than by choosing the clothes you wear, and our mission is to enable your beauty and complexity to shine. By wearing daring and bold pieces, you push the boundaries of everyday fashion, and ByunLi is here to help,
ByunLi is a curation of original pieces by talented individuals coming up in the fashion industry. Each piece comes directly from the artist to your wardrobe. Our diverse range of aesthetics makes no compromise on quality, and you can feel proud knowing that what you're wearing can't be found just anywhere. 

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Our History

Longevity is
key. Infinity
is the goal. 

ByunLi is a luxury concept brand, found in 2020 at New York City that exists to support and showcase emerging fashion designers and artists, presenting their collections to a quickly growing community.

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